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Blessing a new house 'tham boon khun baan may'


Today was the “tham boon baan” (ceremony for blessing a new house) of my mother and father. Traditionally 9 monks join the ceremony. During the prayer they hold on to a rope that is tied around the house to bless the whole house.


After the praying they bless everybody and every place with holy water. Similar to christian priests blessings. Than they will mark the house with a sign above the door to protect the people living in the house from evil spirits and wish them happiness.

bove door

After all that, it is time to eat. First the monks get served by placing all the plates before them. Never hand a plate directly to a monk, especially not as a woman.

food monks

Now the house is blessed and everybody can celebrate. With plenty food of course, we are still in Thailand.


Watch my short video about ‘Tham Boon Baan’ here :

Or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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