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5 Best Noodle Dishes

Uthai Thani has much more noodle stalls than 7 elevens. I’ve tried enough to list a top 5 of the best noodle soups I’ve had so far. I’m pretty satisfied about my choice, but as I already had to change this list once I’m always open to suggestions.

1. Bami Hongte Noodle

Bami-Hongte-Noodle-kiew This dish is my absolute favorite. It is called Kiew Nam. It’s like a ravioli with thai flavours. You can’t buy these exact noodles anywhere, they are hand made on the spot. The sweetness of the moo daeng (slightly sweetened red pork slices) balances the saltiness of the pasta. The home made puff pastry cookie adds a nice crunchy touch to the dish. I could eat this everyday!

This dish costs 30 Baht or 40 Baht for a big bowl.

Bami-Hongte-Noodle-home-made Home made noodles.

Kiew Nam is not their only great dish. Bami Nam, the yellow noodles are delicious and home made as well. If you can’t decide on whether you prefer the Bami Nam or the Kiew Nam, don’t worry they sell a mix!

Bami-Hongte-Noodle Bami Hongte Noodle is located near the the triangled park ‘Talad nat saun 200 Pee'.

The directions on Google Maps.

day opening hours
monday 10:00 - 15:00
tuesday-sunday 10:00 - 20:00

2. Fo Dyeng Yang

Djeng2 This dish is called sen lek haeng tom yam khai. It might not really classify as a noodle soup as it is a dry version, but it comes with broth. It is up to you whether you add it or not. The rib broth is so rich of flavor it’s almost a dish on it’s own. The noodles (which you can choose) are dipped in the broth until they have the right texture. Then they add spices, lime and herbs which is balanced with the sweetness of moo daeng. The soy sprouts, chopped peanuts and fried dough gives the dish a crunch. Usually the dish includes fish balls, but I’m not a big fan of those so they leave them out for me. ‘sen lek haeng tom yam khai’ is a perfect balance between salty, sweet, sour and spicy to me. I love the flavours of this dish!

This dish costs 45 Baht.

Djeng Fo Dyeng Yang is located near Anuban Muang.

The directions on Google Maps.

opening hours closing day
10:00-21:00 1st and 16th of the month

3 TjéNhook

Moo-toon This dish is called Moo Toon which means steamed pork. The meat is so tasty and tender. It’s so soft it falls apart after the first bite. They add exactly the right amount of sauce from the meat into the broth so it’s not too predominant, but just the right balance.

This dish costs 35 Baht or 45 Baht for a big bowl.

TjeNhook TjéNhook is located in Trok Rong Ya Walking Street/ถนนคนเดิน ตรอกโรงยา.

The directions on Google Maps.

opening hours opening days
9:00 - 15:00 daily

4. Thie Kuey Teow Kala Phi Nuat

Thie-Kuey-Teow-Phi-Nuat-Moo-Deng-Mak This dish is called kuey teow sen lek moo dang moo mak. It’s a mix of minced pork and sliced marinated pork. The minced pork is spiced and mixed with glass noodles to give it a bouncy texture. The fun part is that it is served in a coconut. What I really like about this place is they serve you an extra plate of herbs which you can add to your own flavour.

This dish costs 30 Baht.

Thie-Kuey-Teow-Phi-Nuat Thie Kuey Teow Kala Phi Nuat is located near the busstation. The directions on Google Maps.

opening hours closing day
10:00-16:00 sunday

5. Raan Pa G Lung Toey

Tha-Pho-Noodles-2 This dish is called Bami Nam. It’s bami (yellow noodles) with minced pork and moo daeng. The broth is very clear and tasty. They are very generous with the meat. It’s a bit out of town, but considering they also have the best Phad Thai and you can enjoy the really rural atmosphere it is worth the trip to me.

This dish costs 25 Baht.

Tha-pho Raan Pa G Lung Toey is located in Tha Pho. It is next to the Uthai folk song center. The directions on Google Maps.

opening hours closing day
10:00-14:00 -

Their opening hours are not really strictly, the store is open earlier and closes late at night, but they start selling food around 10h and sell until they are sold out which is usually around 14h. They have no closing day, but if their attendance is required at a temple or festival the shop will be closed. It’s a little bit Thai style: always open unless it is closed (it’s not closed often).

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