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Chinese New Year Festival


Chinese New Year falls on a full moon between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. I don’t know if it is according to tradition, but in Nakhon Sawan it is an 11 day periode festival. From the 21st January till the 1st February in 2017.

I went to Nakhon Sawan on the 7th, which was New Years Eve of the Chinese calender this year. My Belgian mind thought the biggest party would be happening on New Years Eve, but I was wrong. Apparently the biggest festivity is happening on the last days of the 11 day festivity.

There is a market every day of the festival around the Chinese tempel. You can buy a lot and nothing there. Gadgets, towels, sunglasses, … you name it. And of course there was lots and lots of food.


At some point I walked into a part which was more like a carnival. Lots of attractions for kids. There were almost no kids around but school wasn’t finished yet when I was there.


It was nice to look around at New Years Eve and New year, but in my opinion nothing really spectacular yet.

I went back on the 10th which was one of the closing days. I was told there was going to ba a night parade around 19h. I went there with my husband and Hayden (a friend who teaches English in Uthai Thani). As we arrived too early and didn’t know what to expect we had a drink before going to the parade. We didn’t want to wait too long. About 30 minutes before the parade was supposed to be happening we took a tuk tuk who dropped us off near the chinese temple. I was immediately impressed by all the decoration.


Walking around at the festival made me feel happy. All the lights, all the smiling people and all the cute kids in little Chinese dresses just has to put a smile on your face. If it doesn’t there is something seriously wrong with you.


When the parade started (30th January 2017) it was extremely crowded in the streets. It was very difficult to get some good shots, but there were a lot of friendly people who let me pass just to take a picture. Thank you for that friendly people of Nakhon Sawan! The parade had a lot of beautifully decorated floats.


It was a very spectacular parade! The girls looked pretty and the boys looked very cool. It was really fun to experience this atmosphere.


But of course I was the most excited about the dragons! If I think of a chinese festival I immediately think DRAGONS!!! And there were many! The dragons danced through the parade and also jumped into side streets.


The most spectacular was the big dragon which was moving on extremely dramatic music coming from equally extreme tuned cars.


I loved the night parade. I am pretty sure I will go back next year now I know what to expect. Because I’m very sure I did not see everything of it. I missed out on the morning parade of which I’m told it should be even more spectacular than the evening parade. I almost can’t believe it but I will go take a look next year. This year all the hotels were fully booked and I was too tired to get up early in the morning to drive to Nakhon Sawan. Now I know when to be there, I’ll be able to plan it ahead. Will be continued… (in 2017)

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