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Full Moon Party

There are a lot of Full Moon Parties all over Thailand, but the official Full Moon parties are held in Koh Phangan, in Haad Rin.

full moon party

We went to the Full Moon party on the 8th of october 2014, in the low season. There was not as many people as I expected, but still a lot. Maybe it was because of the low season or maybe because of the ‘Koh Tao murder’ that happened 3 weeks before after a full moon party. I don’t really know.

I read a lot of do’s and don'ts about going to the Full Moon party before attending the party, because of the ‘Koh Tao murder’. And I’ve got a bit scared of all the info about people getting drugged, robbed and raped. But my fear was not necessary.

passed out

Yes there were a lot of passed out drunk people on the beach. And I saw some people using drugs. But none of those harassed me. There was no sign of violence. Only idiotic drunk behaviour. There was no fire rope this time, but they did have fire limbo. Fire limbo while intoxicated is not a good idea, but it was amusing to watch people thinking it was a good idea.

fire limbo1 fire limbo2

It wasn’t as legendary as I imagined it would be, but unlike other major parties, where a lot of different kinds of people and different ages attend, there was no fighting. Everything was very peaceful.

It was special to see everybody wearing colorful clothes. There was not a lot of use of fluorescent painting, but it was still fun to see the people who did use it.

fluorescent painting

What I think makes the Full Moon Party special is the different ethnicities drinking together, old and young are all acting the same and everybody is enjoying there holiday while drinking of a bucket wich we used to make sand castles with, on a beautiful scenery.

scenery night scenery day Koh Pha Ngan, Haad Rin in daytime.

I wouldn’t say you must have experienced a Full Moon party once in your life. But we did have fun and met a lot of interesting people and saw a lot of craziness.

View my video of the full moon party :

Or view my video on YouTube.

full moon

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