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Chainat Bird Park

chainat-bird-park-banner Chainat Bird Park, in the Chainat province, is the biggest bird sanctuary in Asia. It covers a surface of 600.000 m².

At first I was excited to go because it’s the largest bird sanctuary in Asia. But after reading the comments on tripadvisor and seeing many people write about a egg museum I was a bit disappointed. I don’t care for an egg museum. I decided to see for myself and drive to the Chainat Bird Park. chainat-birt-park-banner2 When I arrived, I immediately saw this big impressive gate, that doesn’t prove anything in Thailand, but it got me enthusiastic. When I entered the park I walked into a huge lake with a big statue of a eagle. Because of that statue I was stupid enough to hope there would be eagles in the park.

No eagles but still many birds I was happy to see. There were countless cages with colorful birds.These are just a few of my pictures, I took many more.


In Chainat Bird Park there are a lot of birds running free. Not only birds, also iguanas.I was impressed that the iguanas were so calm until you came too close, then they rushed into the trees.


In the Chainat Bird park there is also a swimming pool. I did not know that in advance. If I knew I would have brought my swimming suite, because it was unbearably hot that day.

The egg museum was cute, but I don’t get why people would consider this the best part of the park. To me that was the most boring part, but I’m all about animals and nature. I didn’t take any pictures in the egg museum as it speaks for itself, it’s a museum with eggs.

There is an aquarium, which I also didn’t expect, but was happy to enter because it was air conditioned. It turned out to be quite fun to see all those fish.


There should also be a waterfall in the park, but I think it is not a natural waterfall as there was no water at the moment I visited and that was during the rainy season.

If you’re not an animal lover, don’t bother going there. I really liked my visit to Chainat Bird Park and I would recommend it to people who like animals (or birds in particular).

Address : Khao Tha Phra, Mueang Chai Nat District, Chai Nat 17000

Opening hours : 9:00 till 15:00

Entrance fee : 30 baht Thai price, 100 Baht farang price (prices dating 2014).

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